Quiet Sunday Morning


On a recent trip to Kansas City, I visited the KU Medical Center's new facility. For the first time, I saw my sculpture in a fully completed space. It was as I imagined - a massive space, serenely quiet and full of light. A place where you can see clearly and focus on a book or your step, or the incredible view west. My sculpture was designed to be an interesting cloud - visually engaging but very silent. Indeed there were about a dozen doctors and students through the space while I was there, chilling as it were, creeping my own project, feeling the ambiance. But I was there to see the finished space too, the hard work of my colleagues. I wanted to examine the finishing details that are the fingerprint of the general contractor and architects. It is such an honor to be part of this super cool, generous facility. I hope it serves KU doctors and students of for generations to come.